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Cenote Dives

Departure:  varies

Estimated Return:  open timing so you can spend time in Playa del Carmen

Includes:  tanks, weights, weight belt, ferry transportation, ground transportation to cenotes, and entrance fees to cenotes

Minimum Age: 15 years old

Minimum: 2 participants

Maximum:  20 divers  (4 divers per dive guide)

Special Note: Many cenotes charge a camera fee that is paid in cash at the entrance.

Travel on the ferry to scenic Playa del Carmen, then head off to the ancient cenotes for an exciting day of adventure. View a glimpse of the world of cenote diving. A cenote is a freshwater sinkhole in the bedrock found in the Riviera Maya area.  Some cenotes are open while others are cavernous with connecting passageways and make perfect areas for experienced scuba divers to explore. Dive between beautiful, millions of years old stalactites and stalagmites, experience haloclines, and be enchanted by the light beaming from the speleothems. 


Barbie Line

The Barbie Line is open and filled with sunshine, a contrast to the Bat Cave. This is a great cenote dive if you are a bit claustrophobic. During the dive, notice tiny rainbow-like sparkles created by the refraction of light. A slight current at the end of the dive will send you through narrow passageways to the exit point.

Bat Cave

Bat Cave is mysteriously dark with an underground river lit by rays of sunshine beaming through the speleothems. The river leads into massive caverns followed by a cathedral-like air dome that is home to bats. The landscape at the end of the dive is extraordinary!  It is a place where you can spend time with your family snorkeling and enjoying the shade of the surrounding jungle.


Carwash was once used by local taxi drivers to wash their cars. This open cenote has a high water level and is known for the water lilies that grow there along with the seasonal tannic water layer that creates a rainbow of colors. The open diving area leads into the cavern zone filled with speleothems and some Mayan artifacts.

Casa Cenote

Because of Casa Cenote's proximity to the ocean, it is a large open saltwater pool with a diveable tunnel that stretches through the mangroves to a shelf at the edge of the cenote. If you are lucky, you may get to dive by the resident crocodile, Pancho. This is an excellent area for a family of mixed divers and non-divers to spend the day.

Chickin Ha

Chickin Ha is in a lush jungle area filled with wildlife near Playa del Carmen. Experience both a thermocline and a halocline as the saltwater meets the freshwater of the cenote. Pass through Chickin Ha and enter into the dancing light rays and radiant colors of Cenote Rainbow.

Dos Ojos

Dos Ojos, "two eyes", is great for newer divers. There are several entry and access points within the cavern making it easier for divers who have never been in an overhead environment. 


Dreamscape is about a 40-minute ride from Playa del Carmen. Enjoy the scenic off-road ride through the jungle landscape to the private area of the cenote. Dreamscape is for experienced and advanced trained divers. It is a cavern diver's dream cenote that is adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. Buoyancy is a must to navigate through the confined space's formations in full darkness. The speleothems are breathtaking.

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden is an open cenote suitable for snorkeling or scuba diving. The dive begins in a wide cavern lined with fallen bedrock. This cenote allows you to experience a halocline and a spectacular show of light beams as you near Cenote Coral. The light reflections create the colors of a rainbow. You will notice the wall, perforated by cave entrances filled with speleothemes, a geological formation created by mineral deposits.


Kukulkán's vaulted ceiling makes the open water surface visible during the entire dive. The white limestone creates beautiful luminations during the dive when light filters through.  Witness speleothems and a halocline at 35 feet / 13 meters. Cenote Kukulkán is a great adventure for all skill levels.

Little Brother

Little Brother was created by a collapsed ceiling but feels like a true cavern dive. Experience halocline clouds and incredible stalactite formations, including the world's largest stalactite, as you attempt to spot fossilized shells and corals. Follow the guidelines to ascend in the air dome decorated with roots and crystals.

The Pit

The Pit is a legendary cenote dive that requires advanced diver training. The Pit is part of the Sac Actun system, the longest underwater cave system in the world at 364 km. Descend into the Mayan underworld with amazing white limestone walls. Dive over ancient dead trees and a hazy hydrogen sulfate cloud. Travel through a heavy halocline layer followed by bursts of light shining through the speleothem ceiling to deep depths.

Tajma Ha - Temporarily Closed

The Tajma Ha ("Ha" is Mayan for water) dive takes you through Tajma Ha, Cenote Sugarbowl, and Cenote Esmerelda. Tajma Ha is filled with fossilized shells, corals, and urchins. Dive through thousands of stalactites, a halocline, and stop at an air dome filled with the sounds of the jungle. Enjoy the difference of the cenotes while following the guidelines.

Once your group has finished cenote diving, you have the option to casually stroll through and enjoy Playa del Carmen before returning to Cozumel.

 Cost: Contact us for a quote.

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