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Feel More Confident in the Water

Private Guide

A private dive guide is a professional diver who accompanies you on your dive. Divers hire private guides for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • You want a reliable dive buddy.

  • You receive better service instead of being assigned to a group.

  • You have a specific mission, such as photography or going at a slower pace.

  • You are a new diver and feel like you need some extra attention and want to build confidence.

  • You desire extra coaching to become a better diver. Practicing your skills is always a good choice.

  • It's your first time diving in Cozumel or you are new to drift diving.

  • You are a Junior Open Water or Scuba Diver and require a dive professional.


Private Instructor

A private instructor can help you build confidence while you navigate through your dive skills and concepts. Here are a few instances where a private instructor may be a better fit for you.​

  • You prefer learning in a smaller group setting.

  • You previously tried to complete a scuba diving course.

  • You want something customized for your family or friends.

  • You are certified as a Scuba Diver and want to upgrade your certification to Open Water Diver.

  • You are seeking extra coaching to become a better diver. Practicing your skills makes you a better diver.



Engagements - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Recognition Dives

Underwater Engagements

Preparing to pop the question on your dive trip?  Why not get engaged underwater? DIMI Scubatours is the perfect dive operation to set up and arrange an underwater proposal. Bring the ring and let us do the rest.

Birthdays on the Boat

Is your special someone getting ready to celebrate their big day? We can help you make their birthday special. 


Let us celebrate you and your significant other. Dive your favorite dive site together or take a sunset cruise with DIMI Scuba Tours.

Recognition Dives

We want to acknowledge your scuba diving accomplishments. Are you diving your 100th, 300th, 500th, 1,000th, or 5,000th dive with us?  Earn a Digital Recognition Card.


Cost:  Contact us for your special request.   


Punta Sur, Maracaibo, or Barracuda

Departure:  8:30 AM

Estimated Return:  2:00 PM

Includes:  two tanks, weights, weight belt, seasonal fruits, and bottled water

Minimum Age: 15 years old

Minimum: 6 divers  (1 dive guide)

Maximum:  16 divers  (2 dive guides)

First Dive:  100 feet to 130 feet 

Surface Interval:  60 min to 90 min

Second Dive:  30 feet to 60 feet

Special Note: Dive computers and DSMBs are required for each diver. Dive lights are recommended.

Special Request Tours are designed for experienced divers with a high level of deep diving experience, excellent air consumption, and superb buoyancy skills capable of diving in swift conditions. These reefs are located at the southern and northernmost points of the island and are challenging dives. Your safety is our priority and the reason every diver must demonstrate proficiency on prior dives with DIMI Scuba Tours.


Dive computers are required for each diver. Bring your gear or rent from DIMI Scuba Tours. DSMBs (safety sausages), mirrors, and whistles are available to purchase through DIMI.


Cost:  $3,200 MX per person, plus Marine Park and pier fees

Punta Sur

There are two main sections of Punta Sur. The southern Punta Sur reef tour showcases enjoyable swim-throughs and an impressive chamber named the Cathedral. The northern section hosts the legendary Devil's Throat, a deep and narrow swim-through. Explore one of the two sites due to the distance traveled and the depth of the dive. If you choose the Cathedral section of the reef, you will dive by the Devil's Throat section on the way to Colombia.

Female Scuba Diver - Cozumel - DIMI Scuba Tours
Diving in Coral Reef - DIMI Scuba Tours - Cozumel - Scuba Diving


Maracaibo is a deep wall dive close to the Punta Celerain Lighthouse. The edge of the wall is about 90 feet / 28 meters below the surface and plummets to the deep blue.  Travel through the fissure in the wall and descend about 30 feet / 9 meters to the exit where a perfectly shaped 30-foot wide arch appears to the north. After exploring the depths, head towards the shore to visit Chun-Chacaab Reef.


Barracuda is northernly located and known for its fast current and surface swells. For safety, expect to descend, explore the dive site, and ascend as a group. This deep reef with a rocky ledge and a few overhangs is home to barracuda, turtles, moray eels, and nurse sharks. The diving conditions can be murky with a few points of reference. Monitoring your dive computer is a must.

Scuba Diver with Grouper - DIMI Scuba Tours - Cozumel - Scuba Diving
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