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Our Crew


At DIMI Scuba Tours, our crew is our greatest asset. We create teams that offer the highest quality of customer service. Our staff is passionate about providing safe ocean activities, friendly guest services, and going beyond expectations. Our goal is to make your snorkeling, scuba diving, or charter tour the best experience in Cozumel.

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José has been a boat captain for 17 years. He has experience as a fisherman and working with snorkeling and scuba diving tours. He enjoys the water and is known for his jokes. He is a long-time resident of Cozumel. On Sundays, he likes to assist with the local baseball games.

Dive Crew

DIMI staff member


Chino is originally from Kopchen QR. After his wife passed away, he moved to Cozumel and started working in Chankanaab.  Chino started diving with Don Ramon Zapata and earned his Divemaster credentials in 1986. He enjoys working with scuba divers and the DIMI Scuba Tours crew. He is the proud father of three children and enjoys spending time with his three grandchildren.

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Dive Crew

DIMI staff member

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