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Whale Shark Tour

Photo by <a href="">NOAA</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Limited Season:  Mid-May to Mid-September, no tours on the 30th of each month

Departure:  7:00 AM

Estimated Return:  6:00 PM but you can spend time in Playa del Carmen before returning

Includes:  life vest, snorkeling equipment, coffee and pastries, lunch, ferry transportation, ground transportation, and entrance fees

Minimum Age:  5 years old

Minimum: 2 participants

Maximum:  10 participants per boat

Special Note:  You are required to wear a life vest. Sunscreen is not permitted, but rash guards are a great solution. If you are prone to seasickness, please bring medication and take it early. Cameras are allowed.


The whale shark is the largest fish alive today. It can grow up to 59 feet / 18 meters long, weigh 13 tons / 11,800 kilograms, and live for over a century. They are easily identified by their titanic size and distinctive coloration with patterns of light spots and stripes on a blue-to-gray background.

In contrast to other sharks, whale sharks move slowly through the water to filter feed. They feed on krill and plankton so it’s easy to predict where they will be congregating throughout the year based on krill and plankton blooms. Easily snorkel with these peaceful and gentle giants for an extraordinary experience.

Take the early ferry over to Playa del Carmen. From there, you will meet up with your driver to continue to Isla Mujeres. Once at Isla Mujeres, your whale shark guide will brief you on the adventure. The trip out to the feeding grounds may take an hour or two by boat. Experienced captains and guides will spot the flocks of birds hovering over the schools of whale sharks.  Two snorkelers from each boat may enter the water at a time.

Remember to bring sunglasses, a hat, a rashguard, a towel, your swimsuit, a dry bag with a change of clothes, and cash for souvenirs and tips. The Caribbean sun is strong and you will appreciate the protection since this is a full-day excursion!

Cost: Contact us for a quote.

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